Lilith is written by Aslog Von Roos, who also stars in the title role. It is a startling film that occupies the shadowy region where sex and death and religion all meet.

Lilith, the original wife of Adam banished  from paradise for her evil ways, here reincarnated as a simple-minded prostitute in Moldavia, a simpleton with an uncanny knack, but  totally unschooled, for mysticism and the occult, a religious visionary who seeks unmentionable forms of sex and violence, who craves evil, and believes she is Satan's lover, is searching for a way to have sex when she is dead, and longs to take up what she thinks is her destined place as Queen of the Underworld. She makes her single-minded journey towards the underworld- with an unexpected outcome.

A devastating and shocking story told with the utmost inner and outer authenticity by the phenomenal Aslog Von Roos. A cult film in the making if ever there was one, will live forever underground

Aslog Von Roos is Lilith

Interesting fact; Aslog Von Roos, who plays Lilith, who in some minds is the very embodiment of evil,  speaks all her lines in the film, backwards...(and in Swedish). Not only that, but some parts of the film are improvised, in that way, too. This incredible performance is part of the disturbing level of authenticity of this film, which is in itself a journey of inner discovery, in the conception and the making of it.

Interesting fact #2 The charismatic Aslog Von Roos is a distant cousin of none other than Vlad the Impaler himself, the historical figure who is the model for Stoker's Dracula. Of aristocratic lineage that goes back from the present to earliest history, and which spans Europe from Portugal in the west  to Sweden in the north and the Balkans in the east, Von Roos is a direct descendant of Princess Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden, who was Vlad the Impaler's 7th great grandmother, so they are cousins.