Dracula 192 mins 2022 is a shortened, (but still three hours) single film, version of The Four Gospels of Dracula the Messiah, and tells the story of Dracula as told in Stokers novel. It has almost nothing of Lilith in it, but has the full philosophical development otherwise. it shows the story of Jonathan Harker's journey to Dracula's castle, his encounters there, and then Dracula's move to England and his effect upon the Westenra family, Mrs Westenra, Lucy, and also Mina Harker. Their neighbour Dr. Seward, who runs the insane asylum next door, invites Dr Van Helsing to try to solve the riddle of Lucy's declining health. Van Helsing describes his own life-long fear and awe for Count Dracula, who had murdered his wife, and his desire to kill Dracula. There is a shocking encounter between Van Helsing and Hawkins the solicitor, the Satanist who first sent Jonathan Harker to his fate, and who serves Dracula as part of his own passiionte revolt  against God, and against death.

Filming began in 2018, as part of the Four Gospels of Dracula the Messiah quartet, in 2018.


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