The Four Gospels of Dracula the Messiah is an incredible epic of four full length films, lasting a total of 6 hours. It closely follows the Dracula novel by Bram Stoker, while  also adding some elements which deepen and develop some of the ideas found in the novel. One of the central themes of the film is the rebellion against God and against the fact of death, as God has decreed it to be. The film also introduces the character of Lilith, (later found in her own film, Lilith, 105 mins 2022) who is a focus of the violence and passion of Dracula, and who herself surpasses Dracula in her simple-minded pursuit of sex and death and violence. The development of the religious and philosophical ideas in the film, as well as its genuine descent into the underworld of lust and living death, make this film one of the most fulfilling and serious and thoughtful of all Dracula films, and one that measures against the best of the 200 or so Dracula films; this film ranks alongside Nosferatu 1922, Vampyr 1932, Dracula 1931, Nosferatu 1979, films that also capture in their different ways the real darkness of Stoker's disturbing novel.


Filming began in 2018, the dates given below are completion dates.

Part One

A Voice Crying In The Wilderness 76mins 2021

Part Two

Conquering Death 76 mins 2021

Part Three

The Seducer   85mins 2020

Part Four

The Destroyer        90mins   2022


This is Åslög Von Roos,
who plays the simpleton
and prostitute who
believes herself to be
Satan's lover

Guess who she is
related to....!
Aslog Von Roos related to......