Two-Cities Films- the illustrious past......and present.

Two Cities Films was a British film production company. Formed in 1937, it was originally envisaged as a production company operating in the two cities of London and Rome which gave the company its name.

The flamboyant driving force of the company was the Italian-born
Filippo Del Giudice and, despite his brief internment during the war
along with Mario Zampi, Two Cities produced a number of 'quintessentially
English' film classics including the most popular British film from the
wartime period - In Which We Serve (d. Noël Coward/David Lean,
1942). Other Two Cities films such as This Happy Breed (d. Lean,
1944), The Way Ahead (d. Carol Reed, 1944) Henry V (d. Laurence
Olivier, 1944), and The Way to the Stars (d. Asquith, 1945) form the
backbone of the quality cinema much favoured by critics of the day and
contributed significantly to the high critical reputation acquired by the
British cinema of the time.

Its first significant film was French Without Tears (d. Anthony Asquith,
1939), produced by Mario Zampi, but the company is most closely
associated with 'the golden age of British cinema' - the 1940s - and with
big-budget 'prestige' picture-making for the Rank Organisation.

In the mid '40s Two Cities became part of the Rank Organisation
producing key films such as Odd Man Out (d. Reed, 1947) and Hamlet
(d. Olivier, 1947) towards the end of the decade.

Two Cities Films went back into production with Dracula The
Messiah, a trilogy of films, 2018, then released a shortened version as Dracula in 2022. Also in 2022 was Lilith, written by and starring Aslog Von Roos.

Lilith (2022) Production Company (as A Two Cities Film)

Dracula (2022)Production Company (as A Two Cities Film)

Dracula The Messiah (2018)Production Company (as A Two Cities Film)

13 Men and a Gun June 1938 Mario Zampi

French Without Tears 1939 Anthony Asquith

Spy for a Day April 1940 Mario Zampi

Freedom Radio February 1941 Anthony Asquith

Unpublished Story August 1942 Harold French

In Which We Serve September 1942 Noël Coward, David Lean

The Gentle Sex April 1943 Leslie Howard

The Flemish Farm September 1943 Jeffrey Dell

The Demi-Paradise November 1943 Anthony Asquith

The Lamp Still Burns November 1943 Maurice Elvey

This Happy Breed April 1944 David Lean

Tawny Pipit April 1944 Bernard Miles, Charles Saunders

The Way Ahead June 1944 Carol Reed

English Without Tears July 1944 Harold French

Mr. Emmanuel October 1944 Harold French

Don't Take It to Heart November 1944 Jeffrey Dell

Henry V November 1944 Laurence Olivier

Blithe Spirit May 1945 David Lean

The Way to the Stars June 1945 Anthony Asquith

Beware of Pity July 1946 Maurice Elvey

Men of Two Worlds September 1946 Thorold Dickinson

School for Secrets November 1946 Peter Ustinov

Carnival December 1946 Stanley Haynes

Hungry Hill January 1947 Brian Desmond Hurst

Odd Man Out February 1947 Carol Reed

The October Man August 1947 Roy Ward Baker

Fame Is the Spur September 1947 Roy Boulting

Uncle Silas October 1947 Charles Frank

The Mark of Cain December 1947 Brian Desmond Hurst

Vice Versa January 1948 Peter Ustinov

One Night with You April 1948 Terence Young

Hamlet May 1948 Laurence Olivier

Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill August 1948 Lawrence Huntington

The Weaker Sex September 1948 Roy Ward Baker

Sleeping Car to Trieste October 1948 John Paddy Carstairs

Woman Hater October 1948 Terence Young

It's Hard to Be Good November 1948 Jeffrey Dell

The History of Mr. Polly February 1949 Anthony Pelissier

Cardboard Cavalier March 1949 Walter Forde

The Perfect Woman May 1949 Bernard Knowles

Adam and Evelyne May 1949 Harold French

Trottie True August 1949 Brian Desmond Hurst

Madness of the Heart August 1949 Charles Bennett

The Chiltern Hundreds September 1949 John Paddy Carstairs

The Rocking Horse Winner November 1949 Anthony Pelissier

They Were Not Divided March 1950 Terence Young

The Reluctant Widow May 1950 Bernard Knowles

Prelude to Fame May 1950 Fergus McDonell

Highly Dangerous December 1950 Roy Ward Baker

Encore November 1951 Pat Jackson, Anthony Pelissier, Harold French

The Net February 1953 Anthony Asquith

Personal Affair December 1953 Anthony Pelissier

Trouble in Store December 1953 John Paddy Carstairs

The Purple Plain September 1954 Robert Parrish

One Good Turn January 1955 John Paddy Carstairs

To Paris with Love January 1955 Robert Hamer


Robert Newton and Celia
Johnson in This Happy Breed by
Noel Cowerd and David Lean

The Way Ahead -(Dir. Carol

Posters for The Odd Man Out
(Dir Carol Reed) with Robert
Newton and James Mason.

In Which We Serve, with director
writer and actor Noel Cowerd

  • Olga Brook and Philip Blair in Dracula.

Mick Ford as Van Helsing in Dracula

Penny Dimond and Aslog Von Roos in Lilith

Simon Usher and Aslog Von Roos in Lilith